Sunday, February 28, 2016

Comets 2016 Club Continues to Round Out

The 2016 GPMABL Draft was held on February 28th and the Philadephia Comets added two more players to an already strong roster.


Peter Harper (RHP/1b) - This 40 year old showed he had a lot left in the tank on the mound and at the plate. We know he will gel with the rest of our pitching staff due to his background as an artist. Harper lengthens and already potent lineup and gives brings some much needed depth to the mound.

Brian Sogness (OF) - Sogness has all the potential roam the outfield for the Comets and use he speed on the base paths to help the team push runs across the plate. He too could take some innings on the mound, as he brings a pitching background.


Dennis Rudzinski (OF)
John Estok (1B/3B)
Ali Khan (OF)


New Helmets! Purchase today. I know every in Comets Land is excited about that.

Let's try not throw these too often. (Not mentioning any names)

The Comets could use two or three more players before Opening Day on April 10th, but they will continue to search for prospects an continue to practice hard for the upcoming season.