Friday, April 8, 2016

Milestones for the Comet Cornerstones

Now that GPMABL commissioner Brett Mandel is playing in the "GPMABL Classic League" and the longtime Comet has records left to be broken. Several of them could fall during the 2016 season. As several of the longtime Comets are coming up on special milestone numbers.

While the humble Gavin White thinks nothing of his excellent 7 seasons, stating "it's just longevity", he is about to hit historic league standards because he has put up MVP numbers for almost a decade. These Comets certainly have earned all the stats they have accrued and they should all be very proud of their accomplishments.

White, the 28 year-old first basemen, sits at 161 hits entering his 8th season. His 10th hit will make him the Comets All-Time Hits Leader surpassing Mandel (170) and his 27th hit will make him the GPMABL All-Time Hit King surpassing the A's Billy Mason (187).

Former GPMABL MVP Jason Rompola enters his sixth season with 106 hits. A 24-hit season would make "Romp" the 10th player in GPMABL history to record 130 hits. Considering the infielder/pitcher had 42 hits in 2014, he should be able to reach that mark in 2016.

The current manager Andrew Marcus enters his 9th season with a chance to be the GPMABL's version of Rickey Henderson. Sitting at 81 steals the infielder will tie former Montco Phillie Ryan Golderer (82) with his first bag of the season and be alone at the top of the list with his second steal of the season.

Middle-of-the-order bats Matt Allen and Kyle Riley should both record their 50th career RBIs this season. Riley has 48 steaks and Allen has 42 runs knocked in. Riley also has 87 hits and could have his 100th hit this season.

Phil Motley already the Comets all-time win leader (45) hopefully will record five more this season become the 3rd pitcher in GPMABL to have 50 career wins with Colt .45's Ian Downes and Red Sox Brett Binder.

Motley's personal catcher and longtime Comet manager Matt Gionta has built this winning culture since 2006. Already the team's winningest manager, the backstop has been a part of 133 wins and with a successful 2016 could hit an impressive 150 win.

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